• Hotel Uniforms
  • Office Uniforms
  • General Staff Uniforms


Our process starts with a careful planning of all the client requirements:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Fabric Selection
  • Customization


Design involves moving the planning further into reality:

  • Structural planning
  • Mock-ups creation
  • Review and approval cycle


Creation is the execution to the design and planning:

  • Build development framework
  • Start Knitting the fabric
  • Checked the durability

Quality Control

The fabric is put through a post-production process:

  • Fabric Testing
  • Knitting Testing
  • Fitting Evaluation
Sketch Creation

Sketch Creation

A dummy sketch is created using the measurement taken from the client just to see whether the data provided will lead to final execution as well.

UI Design

UI Design

UI design is created on the system to match the fabric with the design and also to confirm the fitting of the fabric using the sketch created in earlier phase.

Blue Print

Blue Print

User Interface design thus created a blue print to be used for the creation of the final clothing from the fabric and knitting mentioned in the same.


Final Output

Final Output is printed by our experienced staff using the blue print provided to them with both fabric and knitting being tested and verified at the same time.